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Silent Hills (PS4)
Posted By: Ryu Hardt @ Aug 13 2014, 11:16 AM
Yesterday, August 12, 2014, during Sony Computer Entertainment's presentation at Gamescom 2014, an interactive teaser titled P.T. (short for "Playable Teaser") was released on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4. In the teaser, the player explores an apartment in first person. Upon completion of the teaser it is revealed to be for the next Silent Hill game entitled Silent Hills, which is being developed by Kojima Productions using the Fox Engine and is a collaboration between two of the biggest names in gaming and Hollywood, Hideo Kojima & Guillermo del Toro, featuring actor Norman Reedus. Many know him for his role as Daryl Dixon in the AMC series The Walking Dead.

Beyond the trailer and the playable teaser, the only noteworthy item is that this new Silent Hill is being created by a developer no one had heard of, 7780s Studio. It's likely the studio was made by the directing pair to really blindside everyone with the reveal. As of now this is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, but these things can always change.
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Happy 8th, GZ!
Posted By: Tyrailius @ Jul 11 2014, 04:17 PM
This past Tuesday, July 8th, Generation Z officially turned eight years old. It's hard to believe we have been online for so long. We survived InvisionFree, iPBfree, a two day outpost, Anime, Power Rangers, and the 90's. That last sentence looks really weird, but Generation Z is still alive and kicking!

user posted image

I had to do some research to confirm July 8th was our actual anniversary due to all the past shenanigans. I'm currently listening to the newest attraction, The Z Cast, and our history was brought up, so I will try to include as much as I can about the history of the board.

Contrary to popular belief, the boards did not start on iPBfree, they were actually hosted by InvisionFree from July 6, 2006 to December 31, 2006. It was an anime forum focused mostly on general discussion. I studied iPBfree when they were in the process of changing management and discovered there were several modifications to their software that I liked, so I decided to move us there. During the six months on InvisionFree, GZ only managed to attract 22 Members. Ryu Hardt was a Member at the time, but had very little interest in the board because he running a very popular DragonBall Z forum, MyFavoriteGames, which is why I probably gave GZ the anime theme to begin with.

After moving to iPBfree, we remained an anime forum until the summer of 2007. Ryu and I were hanging out with Pumjetsu when we stumbled upon a rerun of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Jetix. Shortly after, we decided to become a Power Ranger forum. Ryu was convinced that the Power Rangers would be a move in the right direction and left the MyFavoriteGames forum to put his full effort into the administrative duties that awaited him here.

Generation Z was growing each and every day until iPBfree pulled the plug on July 13, 2010, without any notice. The move to Power Rangers saw our Memberbase explode to over 6,000 Members before the door was unmercifully slammed. Ryu was at work and I had a hard time trying to get in contact with him to determine our next step; therefore, I went back to InvisionFree and created a temporary outpost called "ReGeneration Z". We started searching for a new host when Ryu stumbled upon JCInk in the waning hours of July 14, 2010. Working throughout the night, we managed to get the board live during the afternoon of July 15, 2010. The Power Ranger theme continued until April 23, 2011.

Due to the fiasco we weren't able to strike lightning twice as the Power Ranger craze started to fizzle out, so on April 23, 2011, we switched gears and became a 90's Nostalgia board. A Power Ranger forum was kept in remembrance of the glory days, but it was officially retired during the recent change to Nerd Culture; however, there are still several discussions on the Rangers. I see it as a statement to just how popular, and invested, people had become to discussing the show here.

Weirdly enough, this coming Tuesday, July 15, the forums will have been hosted by JCInk for four years. It is definitely time for a celebration of sorts.

Thank you to all the Members, past and present, who have made Generation Z what it is today. We would be nowhere without you. Happy 8th birthday, Generation Z! It's party time!
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"DragonBall: Xenoverse" - E3 Report
Posted By: Ryu Hardt @ Jun 14 2014, 03:16 PM
Our friends over at Kanzenshuu have had people out at E3 taking in the gaming greatness and had a chance to stop by Bandai Namco for an interview with the company to get some quick impressions of the newly-announced DragonBall: Xenoverse for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

user posted image

The version of the game being shown is a very early prototype. Part of the company’s goal with the game is to bring in new stuff that has never been seen before in an “unparalleled DragonBall experience”. Some of these features will include destructible stages, lighting, and particle effects. There will be mid-battle expressions, as seen in one of the early screen shots with Super Saiyan Goku punching Freeza in the face, in very fast-paced battles that look and feel just like the anime.

The company hopes to incorporate fun-but-accessible controls, but goes on to explain that it is still a fighting game; chaining combos is still important. Transformations will be in real-time (and at least up the chain of power; they are unsure at this point about reverting back down), and are not set to be classified as separate characters.

The mysterious new character is still being held close to their chest, but the company does note that it is quite intentional that he seems to have features from many other, established characters in the series. The time machine, hourglass, and other features in these futuristic locales will all tie together.
user posted image user posted image
user posted image user posted image user posted image

The battles themselves feature free movement with a mix of ki-based attacks and hand-to-hand-combat. There is set to be more strategy such as being able to cancel out of super attacks and the ability to make your own combos. Super special attacks will be cinematic as we have seen before. A “strong” attack button can be held longer for an even stronger attack; other controls include a weaker attack button and a ki button, which should sound familiar to players of Dimps’ prior games, who the company explains really understands the franchise.

All versions of the game will share the same release date, which has not yet been announced, but is set to be revealed some time before the end of 2014.
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"DragonBall: Xenoverse" - E3 Trailer
Posted By: Ryu Hardt @ Jun 10 2014, 10:51 PM
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been underway this past week and they've unveiled a new DragonBall video game; "DragonBall Xenoverse", formerly titled "DragonBall New Project".

The trailer for the game, already over-dubbed in English with narration from FUNimation voice actor/director Christopher Sabat, has been officially unveiled by Bandai Namco EU, showcasing several major battles from the “Z”-era of the story.

The trailer features an appearance by the still-mysterious-figure (wearing a cape, Capsule Corporation jacket, scouter, and sporting red hair) with additional narration:

A clock that once had stopped... will start to tick again.

The game is being developed by Dimps, the team behind the DragonBall Budokai series of games and will feature in-game transformations, move cancelling, expressive faces, and banter throughout the fight. It features a Budokai Tenkaichi style of gameplay. "Xenoverse" wil releae in 2015 for the PS3, PS4, XBox 360, and XBox One.

user posted image

Stay tuned for more coverage of the game live from E3!
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Open your eyes on the count of three. One. Two...
Posted By: Ryu Hardt @ Jun 1 2014, 12:30 AM
STOP. WAIT. DON'T CLOSE THAT BROWSER! You have come to the right place.

user posted image

That's right, let me be the first to welcome you to the new and improved Generation Z! Tyrailius and I have been working diligently this past month to take our beloved forum in a new direction to give our Members a more positive experience. The question many of you are probably now asking yourself is, "What is this new direction you speak of?" Everything shall be explained.

As you all know we have been struggling to attract new visitors to the community in recent months. We take sole responsibility for this as we figured the 90's nostalgia theme would only be around for a short period of time as you can't add onto a decade. This is why we've decided to change directions and switched our theme to be more centralized around nerd culture. And when we say nerd we don't mean that in a degrading way as we're all a nerd of something, whether that be super heroes, comic books, anime, etc. I'm sure you'll come to like the new us. We're still, and will forever be, dedicated to bringing you one of the friendliest forums on the web.

Along with that change you've probably noticed the "Portal" which is Jcinks version of a free website, and hey who doesn't like free stuff? This isn't the only change. The 90's sections are no more... well not entirely anyway. There is still a place for nostalgia discussion, but it has been expanded to include the 70's and 80's. I could bore you to death with all the other forum modifications, but why not head on over to the forum and check it out?

There are other subtle changes such as an expanded navigation bar (click the "Forum" tab to get you to the forum) at the top of each page, an updated profile system, as well as an added feature to let you share topics to Facebook and Twitter so don't be afraid to test them out. If you find anything that needs attention, please let us know. There will be additional changes and upgrades coming, but this is all... for now.

** Thanks goes to Pumjetsu for the awesome new graphics!
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